Important Reasons to Address Sleep Apnea

June 19, 2018

Obstructive sleep apnea can sound like snoring, and because it happens while you are sleeping, it may not feel like an important problem to solve. However, living with sleep apnea can be problematic for your day to day living and it can put you at risk for some serious health conditions, such as stroke and heart disease. Your dentist can help you identify if you sleep apnea is affecting your life. Your dentist can also help you to address sleep apnea if you are living with it. Treating sleep apnea can get you more restful sleep while lowering your risks of the more serious health conditions.

It Can Affect Your Entire Body

Sleep apnea obstructs your breathing while you are sleeping. The multiple breathing obstructions caused by sleep apnea in the night can lead to oxygen deprivation in your bloodstream. Your whole body’s health and the well being of its many systems and functions come under fire when there is a lack of oxygen. Over time, your body can start to course-correct to try to get enough oxygen-fueled blood to parts of the body. This regulation can lead to increased blood pressure even while you are awake. The longer you live with unchecked obstructive sleep apnea, the longer you leave yourself at risk for high blood pressure and other dangerous health conditions.

It Can Affect Your Entire Day

Sleep apnea obstructs your breathing and it can also disrupt your restful sleep cycle. While you may think you were asleep for a full seven or eight hours, the amount of restorative restful sleep you got is probably slim. Unknowingly, you could be living your day on much less helpful sleep, which means you probably feel drowsy and irritable throughout your days. Treating sleep apnea can mean getting back to restful sleep with more productive days.

Do You Think You Are Living With Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

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