Implants Offer Permanent Smile Support

June 15, 2018

Losing a tooth as an adult, whether from advanced decay, infection, accident, or injury, can leave you with what feels like a void in your smile. When a missing tooth is in the front of the mouth, it can feel like a more urgent necessity to replace it. However, a missing tooth (even one in a place where you can’t see it) can cause problems for your smile. A missing tooth can increase your risk for smile issues, such as bone loss in your jaw and instability for your teeth that remain. A dental implant can help to prevent that potential bone loss while creating stability for your remaining teeth and your replacement prosthetic. 

Fortifying Against Bone Loss

When a tooth and its roots are lost from your mouth, your body may begin to pull away key nutrients and stop sending them to that area of the supporting bone This process of demineralization is referred to as bone resorption, and it can cause a softening of the jawbone. Over time, the jaw may weaken and change shape, which can create an unstable foundation for your surviving teeth. A dental implant can create stimulation to your jaw that will induce your body to keep sending minerals to the area.

Support for Restorative Replacements

Implant posts are made of titanium and they are used to replace the roots of your missing tooth. Titanium is biocompatible with the bone and tissue of your jaw, so that the jawbone will eventually fuse to the titanium post creating a stable foundation for the dental prosthetic. A restoration such as a dental crown, dentures, or bridge will replace the part of your tooth above the gums. The implants support the replacement, which can make for a natural looking appearance.

Have You Lost a Tooth in Your Smile?

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