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Restore the Smile You’ve Always Loved

The professionals at E-Care Dentistry in Olathe, KS can restore the look, form, and function of your smile with dental implants. Missing teeth can occur due to injury or decay. A missing tooth can detract from your smile and make it more challenging to chew your food and speak. Our team has access to high-quality dental solutions to provide every patient with long-lasting and natural-looking results for a smile they'll love.
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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a common and essential dental procedure designed to improve the health and appearance of your smile. Your healthy tooth root plays an essential role in stimulating jawbone growth. If the tooth is removed due to decay or injury, the surrounding bone will deteriorate, leading to a sunken look to the jaw and face. Dental implants provide support for prosthetic teeth but also help to stimulate jawbone growth. Additional benefits of dental implants include the following:

  • Restore Your Bite
  • Improve Speech
  • Prevent Teeth From Shifting
  • Restores Your Smile

Support for Your New Teeth

Our dentists use a biocompatible abutment placed directly into your gums to stabilize the prosthetic tooth. The implant ensures they are stable to prevent shifting and a loose fit. The number of teeth being replaced will typically determine the number of implants required.
Crowns & Bridges
Crowns and bridges are frequently used with the support of dental implants to replace one or two missing teeth. These prosthetics are secured to the implant instead of the adjacent teeth to eliminate the need to prepare healthy teeth for the prosthetic.
Removable dentures don't address many patients' issues, including jawbone deterioration and a loose fit. Dental implants will ensure the dentures are secure while helping to improve the form of your upper and lower jaw.
Dr. Patrick Lucaci

Meet Dr. Patrick Lucaci

Dr. Patrick Lucaci is proud to be a member of our team. He was Chief Resident and earned his Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Certificate from the University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Medicine, in 2015. He also earned his Medical Degree from the University of Missouri School of Medicine in 2012. He completed one year of General Surgery Residency in 2013 and earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, in 2009.
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Discover if Dental Implants Are Right for You

E-Care Dentistry has assisted patients throughout Olathe, KS, and the surrounding communities in restoring the beauty of their smiles with dental implants. Missing teeth not only may make you feel more self-conscious about your smile but can also significantly impact your health and day-to-day life. Our implant specialist, Dr. Lucaci, has access to the latest dental technology to place your implant and secure a dental prosthetic accurately. When you want natural-looking results that improve your ability to speak, eat, and be your most confident self, choose our compassionate and experienced team.

Achieve a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

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