Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canals Can Save Your Smile

In cases of severe decay, a root canal is one of the most effective solutions available. While a dental filling can work when the decay isn’t deep, root canal treatment is likely necessary if it intrudes into your tooth’s pulp. While it may seem like an intimidating procedure, it is very common, and our professionals at E-Care Dentistry offer it in a comfortable setting and ensure it’s as painless as possible.
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What Does It Consist Of?

A root canal is a treatment that removes infection from the tooth pulp which is the part of the tooth where nerves, blood vessels, and other soft tissues are located.

When the pulp becomes overrun with bacteria, the tooth can suffer significant damage. The tooth pulp is connected to the root canal, hence the name of the procedure.

The decay that necessitates this treatment is more severe and runs deeper than that found in a traditional cavity. Ultimately, the procedure can save your tooth from extraction and allow a return to a healthy smile.

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