Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

October 10, 2017

The pain from a toothache can be distracting; it can be difficult to concentrate on work, school, or even your favorite television show. Tooth pain can often lead to many sleepless nights, which leads to pain-filled exhaustion. A toothache can also be a dull, mild pain or just a pain that arises when the tooth is sensitive to cold, hot, or sweet or a pain that only happens when the tooth is in action. Whatever the type of pain is, it is important to diagnose the situation so that you can get some relief. 

Tooth Decay

Also known as dental caries or cavities, tooth decay starts by attacking the enamel or outer layer of your tooth. Pain is usually not felt until the decay has eroded away the enamel and made it into the layer of dentin in the tooth. At this stage, the tooth is usual painful when used to chew or exposed to extreme temperatures or sweetness. Once decay reaches the inner pulp of the tooth, severe pain may begin because this is where the nerves of the teeth live.

Inflammation And/or Infection

Once the inner pulp of the tooth encounters tooth decay, infections often happen. Inflammation of the tooth pulp, also known as pulpitis, can cause pressure to be put on the surrounding parts of the tooth. This pressure causes pain. The inner pulp can also become infected. The tooth may try to drain the infection, which can cause the infection to spread to the roots of the tooth leading to an abscess. It is important to treat this to stop the spread of infection to other parts of your body.

Cracks and Damage

A broken tooth can happen in an instant. If you accidentally bite down on something hard like a popcorn kernel, even a healthy tooth can succumb to breakage. Tooth decay and cavities can also leave teeth susceptible to breakage. Grinding your teeth, also known as bruxism, can lead to friction between teeth which can lead to tiny fractures which leave your teeth vulnerable to damage.

Non-Tooth Issues

Gum disease can leave the roots and bones of teeth exposed, which can cause pain. Severe sinus infections can lead to pressure on the teeth that can feel like a toothache.

Talk to Your Dentist if You Have a Toothache

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