When Should I Have an Extraction?

January 15, 2019

As dental professionals, we strive to help our patients in Olathe, KS, enjoy full smiles. Which means we want to help preserve your natural teeth. However, in some cases an issue may arise that means removing the tooth is the best option for your smile. When should you have an extraction? What happens during this common restorative treatment option?

Wisdom Teeth and Impaction

As we enter adulthood, some of us may experience wisdom tooth eruption. This could mean up to four additional molars arrive, causing misalignment and an increased risk of damaged teeth and infection. Other times, they may only partially erupt, causing a painful impaction. In order to safeguard your smile, we may suggest removing these teeth before they even erupt. An extraction allows us to do just that. Employing anesthesia and sedation, we will ensure you enjoy a comfortable experience as we safely remove the teeth in question, suturing the area and providing detailed aftercare instruction. We will also schedule follow-up visits to monitor your smile as the area heals.

Infections and Periodontal Disease

We also remove teeth when a severe infection develops, one that could spread to surrounding teeth or into the jawbone itself. Those with periodontitis, the advanced stage of gum disease, may also develop loose teeth as the disease attacks the connective tissue between the teeth and gums. We may remove these loose teeth and recommend treatment to manage the disease, protecting your remaining natural teeth.

Damaged Teeth

Often, we repair damaged teeth with custom-made crowns, or possibly a dental bonding procedure. However, if the damage is too severe, we may suggest simply removing the tooth and discussing replacement options.

Preserving Your Extraction Site

If we remove a wisdom tooth, then obviously replacement isn’t necessary. But what if you lose a tooth to infection, gum disease, or injury? In these scenarios, we may be able to offer replacement options, such as dental bridges or even dental implants. If the tooth can be replaced, then we will fill the extraction site with a biocompatible material. The material preserves the area. After the extraction site heals, we will be able to better replace your missing tooth and help you enjoy a full smile. If you have any questions about the removal process, or about addressing tooth loss with dental implants, then contact our team today. We want to help you enjoy a full and beautiful smile, as well as optimal oral health for many years to come.

Does Your Tooth Need Removal?

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