We Offer Fillings That Match Your Tooth Enamel

June 23, 2023
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Fighting dental decay effectively will protect you against permanent damage to your enamel. Unfortunately, many people—even those who feel they have a great smile care routine in place—can suffer at least one cavity in their lifetime. If you find that you need dental work because of decay, how can you make sure your tooth is protected and keep your smile looking its best?

Our Olathe, KS dentist’s office provides tooth-colored composite fillings for our patients. By using this biocompatible substance, we deliver protection without making unwanted changes to your appearance. In addition to matching the look of your enamel, this substance offers important bite support and keeps the treatment site safe by bonding to your tooth structure.

Why Does Cavity Treatment Include the Placement of a Filling or Crown?

Tooth enamel is remarkably strong, but the material is still vulnerable to decay and injury. When problems do affect this substance, it can result in irreversible harm that will have to be treated professionally to prevent further issues. During restorative treatment, we can remove and disinfect the area where your cavity formed. After doing so, we will have to address the permanent loss of that tooth structure where the cavity developed. In many cases, fillings are able to provide enough protection to prevent any further concerns. If there is too much damage for a filling to address, we can instead cover the tooth with a custom crown. In both cases, we can provide permanent protection that preserves your smile and also lets you bite and chew without difficulty.

We Use Composite Fillings That Match the Look of Healthy Enamel

The composite resin material we use for our dental fillings can actually imitate the color and texture of healthy enamel well enough to go undetected. Because of this, you will not need to worry about how you look after your procedure even if the cavity being treated formed in a prominent area. With the aid of a localized anesthetic, we can make the work of removing the infected enamel and treating the tooth comfortable for you. Once this is done, we can apply the composite material, which will then harden and bond to your enamel after being placed. This work is completed in just a single appointment, so you can see the results you want and enjoy them without a frustrating wait.

Talk to Your Olathe, KS Dentist About Treatment With a Tooth-Colored Filling

Through the use of composite fillings, we can take care of cavities without making unwanted changes to our patients’ smiles! This is just one way in which we prioritize health while also helping the people who count on us maintain their confident smiles. If you would like to find out more, Call E-Care Dentistry in Olathe, KS at (913) 357-6833 or request an appointment online!