We Can Brighten Your Smile With Professional Whitening

March 21, 2021

Strips, toothpastes, and rinses at our local stores all promise brighter smiles, but the fact is they often deliver minor and short-lived results (not to mention tooth sensitivity). For professional results that last for months to come, you should talk to your Olathe, KS, dentists about teeth whitening with our custom trays and powerful bleaching gel.

The Causes of Our Teeth Stains

Why do unsightly stains form on our teeth? A number of factors could be responsible. For example, when we foods and consume beverages high in sugar, this provides particles for bacteria to break down, creating plaque build that make stains more visible. Lack of proper oral hygiene at home, such as brushing and flossing, could also lead to plaque and discoloration. If you consume drinks with dark pigments and tannins, such as tea, red wine, soda, and coffee, this also discolors the teeth. Smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products could be a factor as well. Before we recommend treatment, we will of course take steps to identify the factors behind your discoloration.

Creating Custom Trays

When you visit our office, we will take detailed impressions and images with digital scanning technology, using them to create a set of custom plastic trays. We then send you home with these trays, along with a powerful bleaching gel.

Treatment at Home

At home, you will fill the trays with the powerful bleaching gel, and wear them for about 30 to 45 minutes each day, depending on the dentist’s recommendations. The total treatment time varies, but usually falls between a week and ten days. The trays will ensure even results and prevents saliva from diluting the gel. For many, teeth could be brightened by up to eight shades. You then keep the trays and any leftover gel for touch-ups in the coming months as needed.

Mask Teeth Stains

If you have permanent discoloration, also known as intrinsic, this means the stain from beneath the enamel, not on it. Teeth whitening may not be enough to address them, and instead we could suggest masking them with bonding, veneers, or a combination of the two. If you have any questions about our cosmetic treatment options, or if you would like to schedule a visit to see which is right for you, then contact our team today. We would love to help on the path toward a brighter smile that inspires confidence!

Do You Have Any Questions About Teeth Whitening?

Our team knows how to help you achieve a noticeably brighter smile. For more information on removing stains or masking them with cosmetic dentistry, or to schedule a dental consultation, call E-Care Dentistry, PA in Olathe, KS, today at 913-764-1018. We also proudly serve patients from Overland Park, Lenexa, and all surrounding communities.