Using Oral Surgery to Improve Your Smile

August 23, 2022
ecare oral surgery

With oral surgery, our team can use treatments to help rebuild weakened jawbones, address tooth loss, and even prevent major complications from the eruption of the wisdom teeth. In today’s blog, your Olathe, KS, dentist talks about common procedures and how we ensure your surgical experience is a comfortable one.

Tooth Extraction

To ensure you’re comfortable, we will begin every treatment with the application of local anesthesia and dental sedation, so you enter a calm and relaxed state with little to no memory of the procedure. We also plan every treatment with advanced digital images, so we can offer care with precision and accuracy. We may suggest tooth extraction for teeth too decayed, infected, or damaged to be restored. We may also take out wisdom teeth before they erupt to prevent negative changes to your smile, such as painful impactions or misalignment. Teeth could be removed to help improve chewing function and bite balance, or to aid in orthodontic treatment too.

Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, this could cause major complications for the health, beauty, and function of your smile. To address the gaps in your smile and bring relief, you may benefit from dental implants. We could use them to replace a single missing tooth, or even to secure a prosthetic. Using digital technology, we plan and guide the posts into the jaw. We then attach abutments and connect the restoration or prosthetic. These prevent changes to the smile following tooth loss, so your prosthetic can last for decades and you preserve your facial structure!

Grafting and Sinus Lifts

When we lose teeth, the body will suspend the flow of certain nutrients to the surrounding jawbone. Without them, the bone tissue breaks down. An older appearance could develop and additional teeth could become lost as a result, and this could weaken the jaw so implant placement is impossible. However, we can rebuild these weakened portions of your smile! With jawbone grafting, we apply bone taken from your hip or jaw, or form donor or synthetic sources to the lower jaw. This provides new structure to support dental implants. For the upper arch, we could discuss sinus lifts, raising the sinus floor to uncover new bone tissue to support prosthetics.

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