Use Your 2022 Benefits Before They Vanish

November 8, 2022

Do you have dental insurance or a health savings account fund? Then you have benefits and money you could lose if you don’t use them before the year ends! In today’s blog, your Olathe, KS, dentists talk about how to use them and enjoy a stronger, healthier, and more attractive smile before 2022 comes to a close!

Dental implant tools

Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Do you currently carry dental insurance, or have a health savings account? Then your benefits and funds for 2022 could expire at midnight on December 31st. Once they’re gone, you’re now stuck in a waiting period for your 2023 ones to become available to use. Don’t become stuck in this waiting period, use your 2022 ones now to obtain a healthier smile and start 2023 smiling proudly. You can use obtain treatment before the holidays limit your availability, and ours as well!

The Checkup and Cleaning Appointment

A dental checkup is a chance for our team to take detailed digital x-rays and intraoral camera images of the smile from multiple angles, so we can understand the state of your oral health, and also identify any areas of concern. Our team can watch for issues like cavities, dental infection, gum inflammation, or gum disease. We also screen for oral cancer, and identify TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding). The earlier we diagnose them, the sooner can offer relief and protect your smile.

Our team will also clean your teeth with an ultrasonic scaling device and a manual tool. We remove the harmful layers of plaque and tartar, which could otherwise lead to cavities, gum issues, and even bad breath and teeth stains. Once we remove them all, we polish the teeth for a brighter appearance. This is beneficial for patients of all ages, from kids to adults.

Possible Treatment Options

Our team has a comprehensive array of treatments to help your smile. Using custom oral appliances, we can offer relief from TMJ disorder, bruxism, and sleep apnea. Cosmetic dentistry brightens teeth and addresses esthetic issues with shape or gaps between teeth. Restorative dentistry could treat damaged teeth and also address infection or advanced decay. Oral surgery can remove harmful wisdom teeth, rebuild weakened jaw structure, and even replace missing teeth with advanced dental implants.

Do You Have Any Questions About Using Your Coverage?

Our team is ready to help you start a new year with a better smile! Schedule an appointment today and learn more about ending the year with better oral health. You can also call E-Care Dentistry in Olathe, KS, today at 913-586-2718. Find our office at 15010 S Black Bob Road Olathe, KS 66062. We also proudly serve patients from Overland Park, Lenexa, and all surrounding communities.