Treatments To Prevent Childhood Tooth Decay

April 11, 2019

Keeping children free of tooth decay helps them avoid serious oral discomfort and major complications, such as infection or even the premature loss of a baby tooth. We have a number of options to help protect little smiles in Olathe, KS. When should a child receive dental sealants or fluoride treatments, and how can parents help safeguard their children from cavities?

The Causes of Tooth Decay

How does a cavity form in a tooth? A thin, but powerful, layer of tooth enamel typically protects the teeth from injury or decay. However, should this layer become damaged or weakened, then bacteria reach the inner layers of dentin, allowing cavities to form. Poor oral hygiene, along with a diet high in sugary foods and drinks, may lead to plaque buildup and eventually, eroded tooth enamel. Once a cavity forms, the decay will continue to grow and spread. Children may experience tooth sensitivity and eventually, toothaches. Remember, treatment is crucial for avoiding infection and premature tooth loss, which could lead to misalignment.

Dental Sealants

If we find a child is at a high risk of developing cavities, then we may suggest a preventive treatment to protect the smile. In some cases, we may prescribe a dental sealant. A special acrylic material, a sealant is placed over the rear teeth. The molars are often difficult for kids to reach when brushing and flossing, and the sealants act as a barrier to prevent food from becoming stuck between them and broken down by bacteria. The sealants help reduce the risk of cavities and wear away naturally with time. Application only takes a few minutes to complete!

Fluoride Treatments

We also offer fluoride varnish. A naturally occurring mineral, fluoride is added to tap water to help reduce the risk of cavities in our communities. By applying the mineral in varnish form to the teeth, we strengthen the outer layers and help protect teeth from the onset of a cavity. Applying the varnish only takes a few minutes to place and cure. At home, you and your family can take additional steps to help safeguard smiles, such as brushing teeth twice daily, flossing every night before bed, consuming fewer sugary snacks, and drinking water instead of soda, energy drinks, or sports drinks. We also recommend a routine visit for checkups and cleanings twice a year. If you have any questions about children’s dentistry, then contact our team today.

Does Your Child Have an Aching Tooth?

We want to help your children enjoy healthy smiles and avoid cavities. To schedule a consultation and learn more about children’s dentistry, then call E-Care Dentistry in Olathe, KS, today at 913-764-1018. We also proudly serve patients from Overland Park, Lenexa, Gardner, and all surrounding communities.