This Month Is National Dental Hygiene Month!

October 11, 2018

October is National Dental Hygiene Month, which means it’s a great time to check the status of your own dental hygiene routine. If you live in or near Olathe, Kansas, you can check in with your E-Care Dentistry team to ask about personalized tips for your own oral health and dental hygiene routine. Not only is October National Dental Hygiene Month, but it is a great time to use your dental insurance benefits. 

Replace Your Toothbrush

The American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every three or four months. If you have a toothbrush where the bristles are frayed or broken, you should replace it sooner. October is a great time to check in on your own and your family’s toothbrushes. Do they need to be replaced?

Plan Your Next Cleaning

Everyone should get a professional dental cleaning at least twice a year. Doing so can help make sure bacterial buildup is removed. For anyone with signs of gum disease, deep cleanings may be important to manage the disease. A deep cleaning is also known as a scaling and root planing, and it is done with the purpose of clearing away bacteria from the gum line. If you do not have your next dental exam and cleaning on your calendar, be sure to schedule it now.

Revamp Your Routine

A dental hygiene routine at home should involve brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes a session, flossing at least once, and drinking plenty of water. When you are brushing your teeth, be sure to be doing so for the full two minutes or until you fully clean every surface of each tooth. Brushing your tongue or cleaning it with a tongue scraper can be a great addition to a routine, as it can help to clean bacteria out of the smile.

Happy National Dental Hygiene Month!

October is the time to check in on your own dental hygiene. To schedule a consultation, call E-Care Dentistry, PA in Olathe, KS, today at 913-210-1701. We also proudly serve patients from Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, Gardner, and all surrounding communities.