My Teeth Are Uneven Sizes

October 2, 2018

It is more than likely that you look at your teeth and smile more often than anybody else. If there is something that bothers you about your smile, the odds are good that you are the only one that notices it (or at least you are the one that notices it most). Something like a tooth that is smaller than the rest could be a thing that makes you feel insecurities about your smile. Unevenly sized or shaped teeth can cause the entire smile to feel asymmetrical and “off.” In some cases, an unevenly sized tooth can affect the way your bite works. If you are bothered by an unevenly sized tooth, talk to your dental team in Olathe, KS about it. 

Adjusting the Appearance

Cosmetic bonding can be a great choice for building up a tooth that is smaller than the rest of the smile. However, if the size discrepancy is too big, porcelain veneers may be a better option. Both cosmetic bonding and veneers are cosmetic options that can update the appearance of the tooth. If the situation is that the tooth is much bigger than the rest or oddly shaped, dental contouring can be a good option. Contouring is the act of conservatively removing some tooth enamel and smoothing it into the desired size and shape.

Is It Affecting Function?

If a tooth is much smaller than the rest of the teeth, it can create an imbalanced bite. This can be particularly true for teeth in the back of the smile like the molars. If a small tooth is affecting your mouth’s function, a crown can be placed on the tooth to get it even with the rest of your smile. A crown can be made of materials that make it strong enough to withstand chewing and blend seamlessly with your smile’s appearance.

Unevenly Sized Teeth Can Be Managed

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