My Smile’s Appearance Makes Me Insecure

July 10, 2018

There have been several scientific studies that show that the act of smiling can boost your mood. Smiling can make you feel more happy and confident, which can spread to the rest of your life. On the flip side, if you are insecure about your smile, you may smile less frequently. Not only are you potentially missing out on the mood-elevating benefits, but it can also make you less inclined to speak up or laugh. Feeling insecure about your smile’s appearance can make you miss out on a lot of great moments in your life. Addressing your smile’s appearance can help you to regain confidence. Talk to your dentist in Olathe, Kansas about the ways your smile.

Health Is Important

Your dentist’s first priority will always be your health and your smile’s health. There are several issues that may simultaneously impact your smile’s health and your smile’s appearance. Your smile’s health will first need to be treated before (or with) any cosmetic treatments. Think of it like a car: you wouldn’t want to paint a car and tint the windows if the engine’s transmission was in disrepair, would you?

Addressing Any Issues

You first must determine what it is that is making you feel insecure about your smile. Are they yellow and deeply stained? Do they have cracks or chips? Are they crooked or spread out in an uneven way? Are some of the teeth different shapes or sizes from the others? Are you missing one or more teeth? Each different issue can be addressed in a different way, and some issues have multiple options for how to address it. For example, a chipped tooth could be repaired with a simple cosmetic bonding treatment or it can be covered with a porcelain veneer. In some cases, a chip may actually be more severe damage that is affecting the health of the tooth, which may require restorative care. Whatever the issue or issues, your dentist can help you to address them.

Are You Ready to Update Your Smile?

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