Let’s Create a Stunning New Smile With Veneers

July 21, 2022
upper and lower teeth aligners

Did you know that with a single cosmetic restoration, we can help transform the beasty of your smile? Placing one or more porcelain veneers could instantly transform smiles, providing a new smile in just two visits. In today’s blog, your Olathe, KS, dentists talk about how we offer dramatic results with porcelain veneers.

Crafting Custom Cosmetic Restorations

Each one we place is custom-made for our patients, meaning a comfortable fit and a lifelike appearance. To do so, we first numb the teeth receiving them, and then when you’re comfortable, we gently remove a thin layer from the outside. This makes room for the veneer. Next, we take detailed digital images, which we combine to create a computer impression, one far more accurate than a physical one. We use the impression in a dental lab to design and craft the finished product.

Placing Your New Veneers

When the veneer or veneers are ready, we will attach them with a bonding agent to keep them in place. The porcelain we use can be color-matched to blend with your smile, and is able to absorb daily bite forces. Placement allows us to lengthen worn down teeth, close gaps between teeth, and reshape malformed ones too. We can repair minor chips and cracks, mask permanent teeth stains, and even correct the appearance of minor misalignment, so you can enjoy a straighter looking smile without braces or aligners. In as little as two visits, we can completely transform the overall beauty of your smile, and in some cases also improve function and health too.

Keeping Your Smile Bright

Routine care is necessary to not only keep them bright, but also protect the teeth we’ve attached them to from issues that could compromise them, like infection or gum disease. You should brush and floss daily to remove stray food particles and control plaque buildup, then see us every six months to have the buildup removed completely. At home, try to enjoy a diet low in sugars and starches, which could otherwise cause plaque buildup and lead to compromised teeth. These actions help safeguard your entire smile and ensure your new restoration stays bright and strong.

If you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry, or about our lifelike dental restorations, then contact our team today to learn more.

Do You Have Any Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry?

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