Is Sugar That Bad for My Teeth?

May 17, 2018

We have all heard that minimizing your sugar intake is important for your smile and your overall health. However, there is a difference between hearing advice and understanding it. Do you know why dentists recommend limiting your sugar intake? The truth is that sugar itself does not attack your teeth and gums, but sugar can be a problem when it enters your oral biosphere. Today, we lay out the facts about sugar and your teeth, as well as including some advice on how to protect your smile from the ill-effects of your favorite sweet indulgences.

Sugar and Your Oral Bacteria

Sugar does not cause damage to your dental tissue just because it comes into contact with your enamel (the protective outer layer of teeth). The problems start to occur when you introduce sugar particles into the ecosystem of your mouth. See, your mouth is full of hundreds of different kinds of bacteria, many of which keep your mouth’s environment balanced. Certain harmful oral bacteria, however, feed on the sugar you eat, which creates the acids that attack and erode your tooth’s enamel. Cavities are formed when the acidic attacks create a hole in the enamel. Without treatment of this stage of tooth decay, your tooth can become at risk of severe infection.

Ways to Keep Your Smile Healthy

Giving up sugar completely is hard to do. Moderation is key to most things in life, including your intake of sugar. While you may think that just candy or cookies are harmful, it is important to remember that sugar comes in a lot of sneaky forms. Fruit is best eaten in the whole forms because chewing can help rinse away the sugar it introduces to your smile. Fruit juice and dried fruit are surprising sugar bombs. It is also important to remember to drink lots of water, brush and floss your teeth, and chew sugarless gum – all of which can help move harmful bacteria away from building up on your teeth and gums.

We Can Help You With More Tips for Your Smile

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