How Do I Know if I Have a Cavity?

March 2, 2018

Are you having a hard time enjoying meals lately, or even just coffee breaks, because of discomfort in a tooth? Does one of your teeth have dark lines on the surface of some of your teeth or white patches on the enamel? Any of these issues could be warning signs of dental caries, or as they are more commonly known, cavities. Nearly 90 percent of the adults in America will struggle with dental caries. In the earliest stage of tooth decay, you may not be able to notice the signs, which means once you do, it is important to seek treatment to save your tooth. There are restorative treatment options that can help improve your oral health, comfort, and your confidence.

What Are the Symptoms?

Deep discoloration, sensitivity and discomfort are among the most common warning signs of a cavity. While some people may experience all of these with a cavity, other people may not experience any. Because your dentist is trained to diagnose a cavity, it makes regular preventive exams so essential to protecting one’s oral health. Routine check-ups can help your dentist to identify signs of cavities early on, typically while they are still in early development, before it can get a chance to cause severe damage to a tooth. Preventative measures and early identification can typically eliminate the need for extensive restorative measures like root canal treatment.

Important To Restore

Most cavities, if detected and treated early enough, can be addressed through a minimally invasive dental filling. Modern dental fillings offer both restorative and cosmetic benefits, particularly when compared to the metal amalgam fillings that were once commonplace. A filling disinfects a tooth before restoring it. Disinfecting the tooth can stop the decay from getting further inside the tooth, where it can cause infection and inflammation. At this stage, endodontic treatment may be the last stop to save the tooth before a necessary extraction.

Your Dentist Can Diagnose a Cavity

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