How a Root Canal Saves a Vulnerable Tooth

December 20, 2022
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Just how serious is the formation of a cavity? The problem is one to take seriously even in its early stages, as it will cause increasing harm to your tooth structure as it develops. With that said, timely care can minimize the impact that it has on your oral health and appearance, as it can be resolved while there is only minor damage to your enamel. If it keeps growing, it will do more harm, and the bacteria causing problems for you will eventually be able to make their way to your pulp! At this point, it will take a root canal treatment to fully address the matter. At our Olathe, KS dentist’s office, root canal treatment is just one of many services we can provide to help our patients restore their health and maintain their smiles!

What We Can Do to Address Problems Within the Tooth Structure

Cavities worsen gradually, with bacteria eventually gaining access to the inner structure of your tooth. Once this happens, the microbes responsible for your dental trouble can attack the living tissues in the pulp. This causes you pain, and it also makes you vulnerable to worsening issues. To stop further discomfort and prevent the spread of microbes through the roots and beyond your tooth, we can perform a root canal treatment to remove the infected tissues and microbes that are present. After we do this, we can protect your tooth by capping it with a custom dental crown.

Placing a Custom Crown to Keep Your Tooth Safe After Treatment

With the right dental crown, you gain lasting protection as well as bite support so that you have no new problems with the tooth in question. For problems with teeth that are more visible when you speak and smile, we can recommend restorations that are made with porcelain or zirconia. Back teeth that have more responsibility when it comes to absorbing bite pressure can be protected with metal crowns.

Root Canal Treatment Is Only Needed for Some Cavity Treatments

There are many times when patients will undergo care for cavities and never need root canal treatment. The reason for this is that they had a problem caught in time to avoid the onset of an infection within the pulp, the tooth’s inner structure. What you can do to lower your risk for advanced decay is take preventive dentistry seriously both at home and by booking regular dental exams. With this kind of support, you are both less likely to suffer decay and less likely to have it grow unchecked to the point where an infection develops.

Talk to Your Olathe, KS Dentist About Treatment With a Root Canal

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