Fighting Gingivitis at the Dentist’s Office

June 2, 2021

The way you approach fighting gingivitis is important. If you have the right habits in place, you can keep your gums safe from potential problems over time, which can help you avoid complications that raise your risk for tooth loss and other unwelcome developments. Unfortunately, many people fail to address shortcomings in their daily efforts, and that can lead to more frequent difficulties with periodontal infections. At our Olathe, KS dentist’s office, we can provide treatment for this problem with you come in for routine care. During your appointment, we will check your gums to see if it is necessary to provide a scaling and root planing, a procedure that removes bacteria from below the gum line and help you regain your periodontal health.

Why We Take Problems With Gingivitis Seriously

Difficulties with gingivitis should not be taken lightly. If you are not careful to keep your gums in good health, a worsening infection can become difficult to manage. An infection in its advanced stage can destroy the tissues that support your teeth, something that can lead to their losses. You also have to worry about the impact that your infection can have on your general health. Advanced gum disease can make a person more likely to experience heart troubles, and can even interfere with their management of other active health problems.

Removing Harmful Periodontal Bacteria

During a scaling and root planing procedure, the portions of your teeth that reside below your gums receive attention. Cleaning these spaces to remove harmful bacteria will stop their further spread, and put a stop to an active infection. After this procedure, your tissues have the chance to recover and return to good health. In addition to addressing ongoing difficulties, a scaling and root planing can also help you avoid future trouble by polishing the surfaces of teeth to make them less inviting to bacteria.

More Reasons to Protect Your Smile by Scheduling Dental Exams

At every regular dental exam, we can warn you about the early signs of trouble that you should know about. When you are warned about gum disease and treated for it, you can avoid complications that can cause long-term difficulties to occur. We also provide timely warnings about dental decay; if we observe a cavity that has already formed, we can treat it with a dental filling before the damage worsens and a more involved procedure is needed.

We Can Address Gingivitis at Our Olathe, KS Dentist’s Office

At E-Care Dentistry, patients can count on us to provide important protection against potential oral health threats. During regular visits, we can look out for problems with your health in order to address them before there are complications. To find out more, contact your Olathe, KS, dentists by calling 913-210-1701.