Does Your Family Need a Back-to-School Visit?

August 2, 2022
Children running with smile

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, in the next few weeks you will be heading back to school and your schedule is going to become a lot more hectic. Which is why we don’t want you to forget about your smile. Your Olathe, KS, dentists can offer a back-to-school visit to ensure the first day starts with a bright and healthy smile.

The Benefits of a Routine Visit

We would love to see you and your family before the school year starts. After all, once it does, your schedule will be filled with classes, studying, and extracurricular activities. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, this means finding time to see the dentist can be tough. So, we would love to help treat any issues so you can start the year with a bright and healthy smile, without missing classes and falling behind. After all, many treatments that protect your smile, such as a filling, only take one appointment to complete.

Checkups and Cleanings

When you arrive for a checkup, our team will take clear and detailed images of your smile, including your roots and jaw structure, with digital x-rays and intraoral cameras. The images we gather allow us to make a diagnosis with accuracy and precision. We can use them to look for the earliest signs of tooth decay and infection and also watch for gingivitis and gum disease. Our team can diagnose TMJ disorder and bruxism, and even screen for oral cancer. The cleaning portion enables our team to remove all harmful plaque and tartar buildup, which brushing and flossing alone cannot do. This lowers the risk of cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease, and also reduces the risk of bad breath and the severity of teeth stains.

Preventive Treatment Options

For our younger patients, we could also offer preventive treatments to help safeguard the smile. For example, we could apply a fluoride gel to the teeth that helps fortify and strengthen the outer enamel, reducing the risk of cavities forming in the coming months. In addition, we could apply dental sealants to the molars. This plastic coating addresses the rear teeth, which are often hard for kids to reach and brush and floss properly. But the sealants keep food particles from being trapped there, and they can stay in place for up to ten years in some cases!

Do You Have Any Questions About Children’s Dentistry?

Our team is here to help families enjoy their best possible smiles. Schedule an appointment today and learn more about boosting the health and beauty of your smile. You can also call E-Care Dentistry in Olathe, KS, today at 913-586-2718. Find our office at 15010 S Black Bob Road Olathe, KS 66062. We also proudly serve patients from Overland Park, Lenexa, and all surrounding communities.