Does an Aching Tooth Mean Cavities?

May 31, 2019

If you experience pain in your smile, this could be the result of allergies and sinus issues, among other factors. However, if the pain persists for more than a day, you may have a cavity that requires treatment. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how we identify and treat toothaches and cavities in Olathe, KS.

Toothaches and Tooth Decay

A cavity forms when our protective outer layer of tooth enamel becomes compromised. Poor oral hygiene could weaken the outer enamel, causing erosion and leading to cavities. Damage, such as chips or cracks, could also compromise outer enamel and expose inner tooth structure to bacteria. When this happens, the teeth may begin to feel sensitive and eventually, a toothache can form that doesn’t subside. If you have a toothache that doesn’t stop after a day, then let us know. We recommend attending your six month checkup and cleaning visits, as we can often identify decay in the earliest stages, before you experience discomfort in most cases.

The Dangers of Untreated Cavities

A cavity will continue to grow and spread throughout your tooth unless treated. If you have pain in your smile, let us know, or eventually, the bacteria will reach the inner pulp, your tooth’s living nerve center. An infection then begins, one that leads to further discomfort. Unless a root canal procedure is performed, the tooth could essentially die and enable bacteria to reach surrounding teeth. You may even need to have the tooth extracted to protect adjacent teeth. Don’t let a simple cavity lead to severe infection or abscess or even the loss of a tooth. Let us know if you experience pain in your smile!

Fillings and More

How do we stop an aching tooth? In most cases, we provide a tooth-colored dental filling. We remove the decay and clean the tooth, before applying a composite resin to the tooth. A mixture of special glass and plastic compounds, composite resin looks natural and provides long-lasting restoration. We shape the material as the tooth cures under a light, then we polish the tooth. The entire procedure takes one a sitting to complete. If you have more severe cases of tooth decay, then we may opt for a more substantial restoration, such as an inlay, onlay, or even a full dental crown. If you have any questions about toothaches and tooth decay, then contact our team today.

Do You Have a Cavity?

If you have an aching or decayed tooth, the you need a custom-made dental restoration. For more information on treating common restorative concerns, then schedule a consultation by calling E-Care Dentistry, PA in Olathe, KS, today at 913-210-1701. We also proudly serve patients from Overland Park, Lenexa, Gardner, and all surrounding communities.