Do Baby Teeth Need Fillings?

June 18, 2019

Since your children’s baby teeth will fall out eventually, to be replaced by their permanent ones, a cavity in one shouldn’t be a big deal right? The fact is, from the moment a cavity forms to the time the tooth falls out could encompass months or even years. In today’s blog, we’re explaining why families in Olathe, KS, should still bring their children in for fillings when cavities form.

Childhood Cavities

Tooth decay forms when harmful bacteria are able to reach the inner layers of tooth structure, known as dentin. While the outer layer of tooth enamel typically safeguards the tooth, poor oral hygiene could weaken the enamel and cause the layer to erode, exposing the inner tooth structure. Likewise, damage, such as cracks and chips, could also expose the dentin. When the cavity forms, treatment is necessary, otherwise the decay will continue to grow and spread, which could lead to toothaches, infection, and eventually, the premature loss of the tooth. This impacts how the permanent teeth arrive and could mean the onset of misalignment.


If your child complains about toothaches or tooth sensitivity, bring him or her in for an exam right away. We will use digital x-rays and other technologies to examine the smile. If we find cavities, we can treat them in one visit with a dental filling. We remove the decay and then clean the tooth, before applying composite resin to the tooth. A metal-free blend of plastic and glass, this material can be shaded to blend with tooth structure. We then shape the tooth and cure it under a light. Finally, we polish the tooth for a more attractive appearance. We also recommend routine checkup visits, which can enables our team to identify cavities in the earliest possible stages.

Dental Sealants and Fluoride Treatments

If we find your child is likely to develop tooth decay, then we may recommend preventive treatments. For example, we could place dental sealants on the rear teeth. This plastic coating prevents food from becoming stuck between the hard-to-reach rear teeth. Children then enjoy a reduced risk of tooth decay! We also have fluoride treatments, which involve applying a special varnish to the teeth. In a matter of minutes, the varnish is applied and begins strengthening the outer enamel and reducing the risk of cavities. If you have any questions about treating childhood cavities or any of our preventive options, then please contact our team today.

Schedule Your Child’s Visit Today

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