Creating Consistency With Bonding and Contouring

December 23, 2020

Nothing is more disheartening than being one imperfection away from a gorgeous grin. What’s more, you may be taking the necessary steps to ensure a healthy, lifelong smile, but the fact of the matter is that accidents still occur, potentially tarnishing your grin. Cosmetic dentistry affords us the ability to address issues on the surface in order to give you the appearance you’ve always wanted, and your Olathe, KS dentist at E-Care Dentistry is here to help by letting you know how bonding and contouring can save your smile.

Restoring Your Teeth

Chips and Cracks can occur from a variety of circumstances, including from a physical accident, biting down on a crunchy food item, or even from a different type of mishap. If the damage obtained is severe, you should see your dental provider or hospital immediately to address the concern. If the injury is minor, however, you may be able to save your grin yet with the help of cosmetic bonding and contouring.

When you visit your dentist for your cosmetic procedure, you will be informed of your options and what it would look like to address the concern. Your dentist may recommend tooth bonding, in which a dental composite resin is applied to the affected area and smoothed out to fill any gaps, holes, or missing sections. Once it has been placed, the malleable material will be shaped or molded to best mimic the natural texture of your teeth, then hardened to provide a secure seal.

Establishing Evenness

One of the major benefits of the bonding and contouring process is its ability to establish evenness within your smile. For instance, if you have a tooth that is longer than the rest, your dentist can carefully remove a small portion of the enamel in order to create the straight complexion you are looking for. In addition to this, bonding and contouring can be utilized to seal any noticeable gaps between teeth, providing a consistent grin through and through.

A Consistent Appearance

Another benefit of the composite resin that is utilized to restore your tooth is that it can be shade-matched to your smile. Your dentist will take care to match the color of the resin to the rest of your teeth so as to ensure a seamless appearance. From a short distance, others will not be able to notice there has been a fix at all, and you can once again enjoy a complete and beautiful grin. For more information about this process, contact our team today.

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