Capping a Tooth With Esthetic Crowns

October 19, 2021

When you have a serious restorative issue, such as a cavity or infection, or a tooth that has become chipped or cracked, we may cap it with a crown. In today’s blog, your Olathe, KS, dentist will talk about how we cap the teeth with a lifelike and long-lasting dental restoration, one that offers both cosmetic and restorative issues.

Creating and Placing Custom Crowns

How do we place a crown? To start, we will administer a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable as we remove structure from the outside of the tooth. Next, we take detailed digital images and measurements of the prepared tooth. Afterward, we use these in a lab setting to design and craft the dental crown. When your restoration is ready, you will return to the office so we can check the fit, and if necessary, make a few final adjustments. We then place it with a powerful bonding agent. In as little as two visits, we can secure a custom and comfortable solution to cosmetic and restorative issues.

A Lifelike Appearance

When possible, we want to make sure your restoration looks natural. For the front facing teeth, we could use porcelain. This material is stain-resistant and can be shaded to blend with the rest of your smile seamlessly. The material also absorbs daily bite forces. For the side and rear teeth, which endure greater bite forces and pressures, we could craft one from porcelain-fused-to-metal or possibly zirconia. We want to make sure you can eat your favorite foods and smile with confidence, with a restoration that could potentially last for decades to come!

Repair Options

We could place these to address cases of tooth decay too severe for a filling, or to complete a root canal procedure to treat an infected or abscessed tooth. Placement also helps repair cracks and chips, and lengthens worn down teeth as well. We could also reshape malformed teeth too, and mask permanent discoloration in the process. We could also aid in replacing missing teeth! These restorations could help secure a dental bridge in place, or even restore a single tooth dental implant. If you have a damaged, aching, or missing tooth, then contact your team to talk about a custom-made solution. We’re ready to restore your smile to optimal health, function, and beauty.

Do You Have Questions About Restorative Dentistry?

We would like to help restore the health, function, and beauty of your smile with a dental crown. Schedule an appointment today and learn more about how we treat a decayed or infected tooth. You can also call E-Care Dentistry in Olathe, KS, today at 913-210-1701. Find our office at 15010 S Black Bob Road Olathe, KS 66062. We also proudly serve patients from Overland Park, Lenexa, and all surrounding communities.