5 Tips for Keeping Children’s Smiles Healthy

October 17, 2017

According to the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, dental caries (also known as tooth decay) is the most chronic disease in children ages 6 to 11 years old. It is also the most chronic disease in adolescents ages 12 to 19 years old. It is so common that tooth decay is four times as common as asthma among people the ages of 14 through 17 years old. For the most part, tooth decay can be prevented. As a parent, you can help keep your children’s smiles healthy by remembering five basic tips that you can pass along to your children.

#1 Good Hygiene Is Key

Brushing and flossing at least twice a day is the most important part of maintaining a healthy smile. The brushing should last at least two minutes and the brush should touch every surface of each tooth. Flossing is a habit that can be developed early. If you set an example for your children that the routine is important and fun, they will follow.

#2 Balanced Nutrition

Kids tend to biologically crave sweets. Keep the junk food and artificial options out of the house, so that they are a rare treat for the family. When it comes to fruit, opt for it in the whole fruit form instead of juice. The juice eliminates most of the fiber, and only provides the sugar. Chewing a fruit like a fibrous apple provides some of the same actions that brushing your teeth does.

#3 Drink Plenty of Water

Not only does water keep your body hydrated, but it keeps your mouth rinsed of harmful bacteria. Following up eating or drinking a rare treat with a rinse of water reduces some of the harm from the sugary or carb-loaded treat. Water induces saliva, which is your body’s natural away to rinse away danger.

#4 Fluoride Treatments or Dental Sealants

Your dentist can provide options to help amp up your children’s tooth strength. Fluoride treatments strengthen enamel, and dental sealants are thin biocompatible coatings of protective plastic.

#5 Routine Visits to the Dentist

You and your family should visit the dentist at least every six months. This allows for both a thorough examination and a professional cleaning. The cleaning can help remove any buildup that your child may miss. Any problem areas can be found early enough for treatment.

Your Children Can Have Healthy Smiles

Ask your dentist for more tips on keeping your children’s smiles healthy. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling E-Care Dentistry, PA in Olathe, KS, today at 913-210-1701. We also proudly serve patients from Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, Gardner, and all surrounding communities.